Birmans are a magical breed. If you are looking for an engaging, lovable, playful, kitten/cat a birman is the breed for you! One look into their alluring blue eyes and you will be smitten. Enjoying the companionship of a birman cat can simply change your entire perspective on a companion animal and your life will be changed forevermore.
Birmans have a magical human like quality to them that can not be expressed in words but must be experienced first hand. They love to shadow you around the house and simply want to be by your side and included. Opening up your home and your heart to a birman will change and enrich your life in such a magical way. If we can help you find your dream birman kitten please contact us at
or call 856-667-1534.

CH Pixydust's Ferrari and GC Pixydust's Fearless Rajah

Pixydust Birmans
Here at Pixydust we have a small, clean, cattery. All our birmans live with us as part of our family and are raised, underfoot, with tender love and care.  We breed for exquisite beauty and a balanced loving temperament. We guarantee the health of all of our kittens.We have all colors including seal,blue, chocolate, lilac and lynx points.